News > December 20, 2012

Christina Aguilera will be honoured at the People’s Choice Awards 2013

‘Loving Me 4 Me’ chanteuse Christina Aguilera is set to have her career recognised at the People’s Choice Awards 2013.

That Grape Juice reports that ‘X’tina will be receiving the People’s Voice Award, which honours her “outstanding achievements in the music industry, and celebrates her ability to reach millions of fans both at home and abroad, across pop, soul, and R&B genres”.

‘Tens of thousands’ of fans is probably a better estimate but you get the idea.

“I am thrilled to announce that Christina Aguilera is joining Jason Aldean as a performer at the People’s Choice Awards,” said executive producer Sean Burnett in a boring statement. “Christina is one of my dearest friends and lights up literally every stage she steps onto.”

If you’d like to witness this monumental moment in music history, the show will air January 13.