News > July 4, 2012

Adele once stole Katy Perry’s burrito (THIS IS NOT A EUPHEMISM)

Katy Perry has sensationally revealed that Adele once stole her burrito.

Talking to Capital FM at the premiere of her cruelly ignored new film*, she explained: “She came and saw one of my shows really early on when I played this small venue…And she came backstage and I was eating a burrito.”

“She was like ‘a burrito – where’d you get that burrito in England, where did you get Mexican food’, and she took it.”

Oh dear.

Still, whether Adele is a burrito thief (STILL NOT A EUPHEMISM) or not, Perry’s happy she’s having a baby. “That’s so cute of her,” was Perry’s assessment of the whole pregnancy scenario. “She’s such a good woman.”

* Yes apparently Katy Perry really does have a film out!