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Vanbot - Hold This Moment
January 28, 2013

Vanbot – ‘Hold This Moment’

Released: February 2013
Label: Unsigned
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Sometimes you want pop people to come back for their second album with a brand new sound that shocks and excites with its brave new direction, but sometimes you'd be quite happy for more of the same thanks very much.

Well, without covering old ground, Vanbot's new track 'Hold This Moment' finds the Swedish pop almost-sensations Ester and Sebastian (for it is they) sticking very much to the warm yet banging synthpop amazingness we all rather liked the first time round.

"I just found out I want you so badly, I just found out I'm in it for real."


Apparently the single's on Spotify from tomorrow, then released digitally in February.

EDIT: If the player below isn't working it's because, who are/were hosting the video, have either blocked the embed code they made available, or buggered about with it in some way. Sadly Vanbot seem not to have made the song available to hear anywhere else for the time being so you'll just have to imagine how good it is.


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