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September 23, 2013

Little Mix – ‘Move’

Released: November 3, 2013
Label: Syco
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Completely odd and completely brilliant, with just enough cowbell to ensure future classic status, the new Little Mix single premiered exclusively on various radio stations this morning and does lots of the things we used to enjoy Girls Aloud singles doing back in the distant days of the mid-2000s, which is to say it thunders along with numerous kitchen sink-esque noises and hooks without really having (or needing) a well-defined chorus.

The "I AIN'T LOOKING AT NO-ONE ELSE LOOKING AT NO-ONE ELSE LOOKING AT NO-ONE ELSE WHOOSH HEY HEY" bit is the best bit, isn't it? Probably why they put it near the end. Pop singles should always save the best bit for somewhere near the end.

(Excellent Hard-Fi-inspired artwork as well.)




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