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PJQ1: Winner - B-List At Capital
PJQ2: Winner - Borepop Will Eat Itself
PJQ2: Winner - B-List At Capital


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Is Popjustquiz amazing?
Yes it is.

When and where does it happen?
We do a Popjustquiz about once every month, and it's usually in east London. Sometimes we move it around though.

Why is Popjustquiz amazing?
We always loved the idea of pop quizzes, but the reality was always disappointing. We'd turn up ready to name all seven S Club members or name Ryan Tedder's three biggest hits, and we'd just get questions about Bob Dylan and Duran Duran. So we invented Popjustquiz. It's just a quiz about pop.

How many can I have on a team?
Five maximum. Most teams have four or five members.

Can I enter by myself?
Yes! Just register as an individual and on the night we'll make sure you're on a team with other individuals. These teams tend to do rather well, for some reason.

What am I going to win then?
Officially, top prize is a round of drinks and a beautiful certificate to hang on your wall. Unofficially, there are other prizes along the way too, but don't get your hopes up for anything too good. At Popjustquiz 2 one of these extra prizes was a Stooshe condom. :(

Does it cost £1.99 per person to enter?
Yes it does.

Why do I have to register?
We don't have room for everyone who wants to come, so we have to keep numbers down somehow. If you or your team don't get in one month, try again next month - we try to make sure everyone gets a go.

I've heard something about a popstar genitalia round. What's that all about?
That is about a very dark chapter in the history of Popjustquiz and not one we are keen to dwell upon, although if you do attend a Popjustquiz and you do find yourself answering questions about a famous penis or boob, don't say you weren't warned.

Will you bring Popjustquiz to my town/hold a Popjustquiz at my event/etc?
That sounds like fun. Get in touch and we'll see what we can do.