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Simon Cowell has tweeted about Louis Walsh’s exit

Zig and Zag mastermind Simon Cowell has appeared to confirm rumours that Louis Walsh will not be returning to The X Factor this year. Reports of Louis’ departure circulated in yesterday’s papers and a few hours ago Cowell tweeted this: Louis Walsh is one of the good guys. We will always […]

Sam Bailey

2014 A-Z: W is for WILL THIS DO

They usually talk about Steve Brostein being the archetypal X Factor ‘failure’, don’t they? Sometimes Leon Jackson too. Sometimes Matt Cardle. Obviously these people aren’t really failures in the proper sense, just artists who highlight the central flaw of The X Factor’s original premise. Because if you have a show that gives an opportunity to people […]


Which X Factor finalist would have the lowest-selling Christmas Number One?

Following news of its release being pulled forward yesterday evening, we put a bet on Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ being this year’s Christmas Number One. It’s already Number One on iTunes (with Fleur’s version at Number Two), but its main competition comes from this year’s X Factor winner, so it’s important […]


25 name suggestions for The X Factor’s absurd eight-piece boyband

It is claimed that The X Factor’s ludicrous/possibly amazing eight-piece boyband are still loing for a name. They are even running a competition to lo for a suitable moniker. Let’s assume for one moment that this is a genuine predicament and not one that has been invented in an attempt to increase […]


The X Factor UK will now also be shown in the US

‘Season’ (series) 11 (!) of The X Factor UK will be ‘aired’ in America, it’s been announced. The new deal means the entire ‘season’ (series) will be shown on the Ryan Seacrest co-owned AXS TV network, starting on August 31, ie the day after it all kicks off in the […]


Mel B has been announced as a judge on The X Factor

‘For Once In My Life’ hitmaker Mel B has been announced as the fourth and final judge for this year’s X Factor (the UK one, obviously). According to The Sun (but also covered here) the deal ‘inked’ by the artist briefly known as Melanie G is for £900,000 with an […]

Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson stands a good chance of conquering 2014

Main points: 1. We heard Single One recently and hold onto your hats because it is really rather remarkable. It’s a dramatic, stylish belter called ‘Ghost’. The song is all about Ella going down to the river (!) to “wash all the pain” and exorcise the ghost of a former beau. Ella […]


Cheryl Cole’s back on The X Factor

Despite having previously being thrown under the X Factor bus with such force and severity that the bus itself was partially destroyed and has been at the garage ever since due to ongoing Cole-caused problems with its chassis, Cheryl Cole’s back on UK X Factor, according to Cheryl Cole. She […]


Nicole Scherzinger might not be returning to the X Factor this year

AND SO IT CONTINUES: According to one of Nicole Scherzinger’s ‘close friends’ the ‘Puakenikeni’ hitmaker won’t be returning to The X Factor this year. Apparently it’s so she can focus on recording the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Killer Love’, which is probably quite a good idea. The friend, who also knows […]

Simon winking

Simon Cowell’s coming back to The X Factor in the UK

Former Zig & Zag apologist Simon Cowell is returning as a judge on The X Factor, it’s been announced. The one in the UK, obviously. According to this statement right here, Simon’s thrilled to be returning, and is excited to find a global superstar again. “I’m thrilled to be returning,” […]


Can we agree to boycott all future series of The X Factor…

…until Syco agree IN WRITING that they will stop trying to make ‘Skyscraper’ work and that the song given to any future winner or winners will be this? Seriously ladies and gentlemen, what a song. It’s a winner’s anthem for the bells alone. Can you think of a single X Factor […]


The X Factor has some new voting thing for the live shows

The X Factor have introduced a new, slightly convoluted voting system that they’ll implement on the first live show on Saturday October 12, reports the BBC. Basically, once all the ‘acts’ have performed the phone s will be opened for ten minutes and some sort of ‘flash vote’ will take […]


What do we already know about this year’s X Factor?

Here’s a picture Dermot O’Leary tweeted earlier today. It’s a picture of four of this year’s X Factor judges. But we all know that nothing about The X Factor is ever released without having gone through a million layers of scrutiny from the show’s publicists, and that nothing ‘accidental’ really […]

Emeli Sande

Emeli Sandé isn’t a big fan of The X Factor if she’s being honest

Underground artist Emeli Sandé isn’t a fan of the whole X Factor business. The ‘Suitcase’ chanteuse spe to – BRACE YOURSELVES – the Daily Star Playlist about the franchise, noting: “I find it quite depressing. I find it sad that four people are judging these people and really knocking their […]


Simon Cowell wants to change “every aspect” of The X Factor

The never knowingly underdramatic Simon Cowell has claimed that he plans to change “every aspect” of the forthcoming series of The X Factor – including one of the judges. Talking to the Radio Times (as quoted here), Cowello mused: “The format is 10 years old and any format that has […]