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    Paula Abdul and Louis Walsh on the judging panel!

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    This is going to be awful.
    Sixty-nine is the only dinner for two.

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    This is grossly unnecessary.
    Before any performance I always have a healthy snack. | Discogs | Last.fm

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    "Around The World" - Indonesia, Australia, UK and USA.

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    Isn't this like Global Idol or something?

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    Why is Jahmene in it? He didn't even win!

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    Originally Posted by Whiteflag35 View Post
    Why is Jahmene in it? He didn't even win!
    Same for The Collective. They are so irrelevant in Australia right now that I actually laughed when I saw them in the video.

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    What is this? I am majorly confused by it.

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    It's like World Idol all over again and it'll probably be messy.

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    The video is now set to private, so I haven't seen what the trailer included, but isn't this just the "Best Of X Factor Worldwide" clip show they've been airing in several countries?

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