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    So Sam has announced he will release his "forthcoming music mini-series", Quantum Physical: Volume One, in September. Sounds like he's gonna be releasing this new project under mini-albums, like Robyn did with Body Talk.

    There's a new mixtape he just uploaded on soundcloud. Besides some remixes and some tracks by other artists, the mixtape previews some of the tracks that will be on Quantum Physical, such as:

    Hang On 2 Your Love (first single)
    Glow In The Dark


    I'm loving this sound direction. I loved Return To Paradise but it quickly became a boring album. I'm so glad he's back to a more electronic sound.

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    this sound suits his voice best.
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    Hang On 2 Your Love isn't the best of the four new tracks on that mixtape. Not sure why its the lead single. It does, however, act as a good bridge between his second album and what we will hear on the EPs.

    I like Fascism the best. Infinite is also really nice. He should have gone with one of these two tracks as the lead single.

    I hope he records another song with Roisin Murphy and actually releases it this time. Their voices go well together on electronic beats. Such a shame their last collaboration never made it to the final cut of his second album. It would have been the best track on that album.
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    After a few more listens, Fascism and Hang On 2 Your Love are my favourites.

    As for Last Night, I love that track, two of my favourite artists put together in a song. I think because it didn't make it to the album, I think the plan was to release it as a bonus track on a re-release of Return To Paradise, but because of the lack of commercial sucess, it never happened.

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    The mixtape is nice, but "Fascism" is definitely the track that stood out to me the most from the new songs of his. I'm kind of obsessed with it right now since I spliced it into a stand alone track from the mixtape.

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    There's a shame there is no hype at all for this. I hope he makes a video for Hang On 2 Your Love.

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    You can listen to the full EP here.

    I'm loving this.

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    He's morphed into Holly Johnson.
    It's = it is/it has. Its = its.

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    I'm glad he learned something from the chart success of the Magician remix of "Happiness" and is going in a more electro-disco direction! Unfortunately he tunes on the EP aren't doing it for me. "Fascism" and "Infinite" are almost there, but something's missing.

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    So I stumbled across 'Stay In Love', a new Plastic Plates song that Sam Sparro features on, and it's a certified BOP. Definitely one of the best songs I've heard this year:

    Who knew?!?!?!

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    Stay In Love is amazing and better than half of Return To Paradise.

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    Stay In Love is fantastic!
    Tot ce e mai frumos repede trece.

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    I've been obsessed with Stay In Love since I first randomly bought it off iTunes in January.

    Why is this song not massive.

    I love his vocal delivery in this song.

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    Sam is so underrated. He should be huge, not a one hit wonder.

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    A major label really needs to pick up Stay In Love and promote it. It's an undiscovered hit.

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