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  1. #976
    For the record, I think she can look pretty damn beautiful. I just wasn't feeling the Anything Could Happen look.

  2. #977
    Fair enough. I guess I get all defensive when it comes to Ellie because people seem so cruel...
    "Deliberately Stirring Up Bad Feeling"

  3. #978
    I think Ellie is a beautiful woman too, I just think that she could've looked better and still connect to that otherwordly vibe you speak about. The no-eyebrows-look is kinda funny to me though, as I literally paused the Anything Could Happen video during faceshots and started looking for them.

    Anyway, Bittersweet sounds amazing. I don't know why I'm surprised anymore, as she delivers quality time after time again.

  4. #979
    I would get defensive too because Ellie is so nice. I also like Bittersweet.

  5. #980
    Originally Posted by RJF View Post
    A round up of a few things:

    - "Bittersweet" sounds rather good indeed.
    - "Atlantis" works purely because of the desolation she's able to convey in the chorus. It works perfectly with "Dead In The Water" with the idea of her being abandoned.
    - "I Need Your Love" is fucking terrible. What is wrong with some of you?
    An improved round up, now with added truth!

    - 'Bittersweet' is excellent, props to Skrillex.
    - 'Atlantis': see above.
    - 'I Need Your Love' is a perfectly serviceable Calvin track, which by Calvin's standards means it's a rather great track in itself. There is nothing wrong with anyone who enjoys this track.
    I'm about to drown in the ocean.

  6. #981
    Bleached eyebrows is my favorite look. I love it.
    My rules, you fools

  7. #982
    I really do think bleached eyebrows will be one of the trends people look back on and be like, what the...?

    My favourite look of her's to be Lights. She looked lovely but saying that I liked The Writer and Starry Eyed and all that as well! When she was less try-hard I guess it fit better for me.

  8. #983
    She looked really sexy in the "Lights" video. It's kind of funny that she was sick while shooting that one, I always thought she was giving us bedroom eyes.

  9. #984
    Ellie live on one of the biggest radiostations in the Netherlands, performing Lights and Your Song

    So glad she's FINALLY taking off here. She sounds amazing as usual.

  10. #985
    Bittersweet keeps getting better and better with every listen. Second song of the same title that goes on my "perfect-pop" list.
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  11. #986

    Honestly this woman can do no wrong in my books, she is my perfect Queen.

    I really think it should have been included on 'Halycon', because it would have been great promotion to have it as the official Twilight film song.
    Stanning over Queen Goulding since 2009.

  12. #987
    I think this album will be a great drunken companion.
    #BishBetterHaveMyRefund | Discogs, bb

  13. #988
    Has anyone else spotted "Ellie Goulding - Figure" on the Radio 1 C list?

    I assume they mean Figure 8...?!
    "So you like show tunes? That doesn't mean you're gay. It just means you're AWFUL".

  14. #989
    I've just booked my tickets for Leeds O2 Academy and the album is arriving tomorrow, excited!

  15. #990
    Did she and Skrillex break up?
    Praise the Lord't.

  16. #991
    "Deliberately Stirring Up Bad Feeling"

  17. #992

    Released 16th December. (Oh dear).
    Last edited by tobyboat; November 15, 2012 at 13:40.

  18. #993
    Good choice!
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  19. #994
    Originally Posted by tobyboat View Post

    Released 16th October. (Oh dear).
    Erm...ok, thats news to erm...everyone! How odd?! Release dates of singles already available on albums are pretty redundant to be fair. If the songs on iTunes, it's all just down to radio airplay now. Should start rising now it's on the Radio 1 playlist.

  20. #995
    It's out on the 16th of December, not October. Don't know why they're not holding off til early-ish January as that would be a good idea if they actually want it to make some kind of impact. It's a great song.

  21. #996
    Originally Posted by xondus View Post
    It's out on the 16th of December, not October. Don't know why they're not holding off til early-ish January as that would be a good idea if they actually want it to make some kind of impact. It's a great song.
    That'll teach me for doing a nightshift and posting with sleep deprivation. But yes, they should have waited until January. This'll get swept up and buried in the XFactor chart battle I feel.

  22. #997
    Hehe, easy mistake to make! I do it all the time. And agreed, it's a dark song heavy on the dubstep influences, it doesn't fit in with all the mushy stuff being released and pushed just before Christmas. Cold, bleak January would be perfect for it. Oh well.

  23. #998
    What a beautiful, beautiful cover.

  24. #999
    Lovely cover for a stunning song!
    #BishBetterHaveMyRefund | Discogs, bb

  25. #1000
    Great single choice. It's a very dark, wintry song.
    "Deliberately Stirring Up Bad Feeling"

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