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    Alex & Sierra, a duo from Florida, are the winners of the third season of The X Factor USA. They've had really high peaks in US iTunes, especially with their cover of Say Something which peaked at #1.

    Other notable performances:
    Give Me Love
    Say My Name
    Little Talks
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    They were brilliant on The X Factor, and I loved so many of the songs they performed, like Say My Name:

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    They've started recording for their debut album now. Rumors go that we'll get an EP this first quarter, and a full album later.

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    They were lovely on the X Factor, and are great singers (I only know this because my Mother is obsessed with them and spammed my inbox with their videos). They deserve to make it.

    I think an EP is a smart move given that it allows them to strike while the iron's hot without compromising on quality, as well as letting the label exercise caution (given the failure rate for X Factor USA winners).

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