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    Featuring the hits 'My heart is refusing me', 'Sober' and Eurovision's 2012 winning song 'Euphoria' (which is already Top 15 on UK iTunes after the landsliding win). Set by her label for a September 2012 release.
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    (I'm already 'dead'.)
    Sixty-nine is the only dinner for two.

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    I too am ready and dead.
    The Janines...

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    Quite waiting for that as well.
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    I want her to unleash a brand new single before Rapture's album release.

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    (I'm ready etc)

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    Seriously, Loreen is crossing over boundaries. All my friends who hate Eurovision like the song, I mean 3XS is American and is vested interest over it.

    I can really see her getting big, well I hope so.

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    Oh look, we won. *prances around the room and realises that haters just gon' hate*

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    I haven't even listened to it yet and I am amazed.

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    Born to run, get ahead of the rest.

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    YES. (I didn't think "My Heart is Refusing Me" was going to be on it though...)

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    September 2012? How stupid are they? People are gonna forget about her till then. They should have release the album now or next month tops
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    Already at #5 in the UK.

    Edit: actually it's at #2 now. *prances around the room*

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    I don't wanna wait until September though....rush-release!

    So like any rational thinking person I am totally in love in Euphoria. What other Loreen songs do I need to get into?
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    I never cared that much about Eurovision...but that song and the perfomance was amazing. I love her.

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    Originally Posted by jinzo View Post
    So like any rational thinking person I am totally in love in Euphoria. What other Loreen songs do I need to get into?
    She's only had two other singles and they are all equally amazing: My Heart Is Refusing Me and Sober.

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    Gosh, I'm excited. Please, please get to number one. It would be so well-deserved. I've been hammering the shit out of Euphoria for months and I'm still not bored of it.
    Sixty-nine is the only dinner for two.

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    Can Euphoria please overtake We Are Young to Number One, I'm so tired of that piece of indie trash!

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    GET. DAT. SMASH.!!!!!!!!

    No seriously, please go to #1.

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    It's not a BRILLIANT song though is it. Other entrants were more deserving. The one from Hungary was fantastic.

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    I reckon that you can probably work out from the reactions here that plenty of people think it's a brilliant song.
    Sixty-nine is the only dinner for two.

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