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  1. #1051
    Quadron's debut for 4 dollars plus shipping. Yay!

  2. #1052
    A little haul from my holiday. Well, edited slightly as I'm sure no-one really wants to see the full horror.

    Histoire De Melody Nelson (French 2LP/2CD/DVD super deluxe box) - really cheap!
    Indochine - Paradize (4LP)
    Indochine - Paradize (2CD/DVD)
    Fangoria - Absolutamente (LP picture disc)
    Nik Kershaw - James Cagney (German 12")
    Yello/VA - Jetzt Und Alles (German LP)
    Fra Lippo Lippi - Small Mercies (LP)
    Mathematiques Modernes - Disco Rough (French 12")
    KLF - K Cera Cera (Israeli CD)
    Grace Jones - I've Seen That Face Before (Brazil 7")
    Human League - Love Me Madly (Danish 12")
    Mylene Farmer - Lonely Lisa (2 x 12")
    Mylene Farmer - Lonely Lisa (CD)
    Mylene Farmer - Du Temps (12")
    Mylene Farmer - Du Temps (CD)
    Mylene Farmer - 2001.2011 (2LP)
    Soft Cell - The Art Of Tearing Apart (2LP bootleg)
    A-ha - Best In Brazil (Brazil LP)

    Also managed to accidentally buy twelve Depeche Mode records that I already had! Time to catalogue my collection properly I think.

  3. #1053
    Ha, I've started doing that recently. And second-guessing myself, thinking I have something when I don't.

    Ordered the new Hojo 5-disc Remastered set this week, but sadly my copy's turned up with a whopping dent in the case which has spoiled the sleeves inside. Still waiting on a reply from the Hojo store. It does look utterly gorgeous though, just from the outside design.
    Eric's Generic World: http://ericsgenericworld.blogspot.com/

  4. #1054
    Qued up early for Record Store Day today and managed to get the Kate Bush - Lake Tahoe 10" picture disc which is lovely. Some stock didn't arrive to the shop in time so I've got the Little Boots and ABBA releases reserved for early next week.
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  5. #1055
    ^ You can't reserve Record Store Day releases, that defeats the whole point? It's part of the terms of the event? That's what the website says anyway...

    Anyway, I also queued at my local store that was lucky enough to have every single thing on the list, but all I wanted was the Blondie CD/DVD and the Garbage 7", which I got no bother. 2 hours of my life I'll never get back but I wanted to participate (I haven't bothered with previous years). The big draws were the Noel Gallagher, Sex Pistols, Bowie and Coldplay releases it seemed...

    I considered treating myself to the Candyflip 10" and the Little Boots 12" but passed up on them. They have nothing on them I can't get digitally and aren't much to look at really.

    When I got home, I had 11 CDs in the post and if I'm hoenst, I enjoyed opening them and playing them a lot more than I did going to Record Store Day so I quite like the present/future and hope my favourite acts don't release anything next year!

  6. #1056
    They said they'd reserve them for me as an apology for the stock not arriving on time, I can't complain, its good of them.

  7. #1057
    Unsold stock from Record Store Day tends to crop up on some of the small indie shops I go to, and so if I happen to see anything then (like the Blancmange 12" last year) I may pick it up. Not too fussed, though, and like anfunny I get more of a buzz from the CDs I buy all year round.

    Got the latest Maccabees CD for a fiver in HMV, based on liking their Later... performance last night.
    Eric's Generic World: http://ericsgenericworld.blogspot.com/

  8. #1058
    "Candyflip 10"" is a phrase I never expected to see on PJ (or anywhere, really). I really like the idea of RSD, but it does end up with a lot of shite being sold at massively overinflated prices. And ultimately, does it actually increase footfall in record shops ? The actual day will be busy with regulars and ebay scalpers. Then next week...regulars again.

  9. #1059
    Yesterday I bought Billie Piper's "Honey to the B" for a very cheap price.

    I love the cover, and it is such a guilty pleasure. Some songs are just soooo horribly 90's though.

  10. #1060
    Just recovering from Record Store Day. I got a little carried away when I heard that there was a Dave Gahan 7" limited to three hundred copies and ended up standing outside my (not very local) indie store for eleven hours in the freezing cold. I didn't even get the 7" as it's running late!

    Got instead the ABBA 12", all five Cure coloured vinyl LPs, Bowie 7" picture disc, Carter Tutti Void 7" picture disc, Beth Jeans Houghton 7" picture disc, Cold Specks 12", Lissie 12", Little Boots 12", Blondie CD/DVD, Eleven Pond 12" (that was a surprise!), Big Deal/S.C.U.M. 7", Inspiral Carpets 7", Kate Bush 10" picture disc (very pretty!) and the Morrissey 10" picture disc which looks like a bootleg.

    Next year I'm taking a blanket.

  11. #1061
    Bloody hell, I feel such a lightweight now, haha.
    Eric's Generic World: http://ericsgenericworld.blogspot.com/

  12. #1062
    I have just discovered That's Entertainment. It's a less smelly CEX and the CD's are cheaper and in better condition. Today, I got Mary J Blige - No More Drama, Destiny's Child - Destiny Fulfilled, Mario - Turning Point, Ja Rule - The Last Temptation, Mariah - Glitter, Mario Winans - Hurt No More, Monica - The Boy Is Mine, Ciara - The Evolution, Brandy's debut and J.Lo for 13.98. I feel amazing!

  13. #1063
    I am pleased to welcome Swans Way's 'Best Of' CD to my collection today. 10.75 it cost me, which is a fraction of the 69 it has gone for on eBay in recent times. I never thought I'd find it at such a reasonable price...

  14. #1064
    Bjork - Biophilia Remix series 1 & 2, Deluxe CDs. Incredible packaging, they look stunning.
    I've also pre-ordered part 3 as well as the standard vinyl editions of parts 1-3, the artwork is too nice to say no to them!

    Also I went into my local independent record store today and picked up the Bruno Mars 10" from Record Store Day, which they'd just got in (They were a little late getting a lot of releases in, ah well). Not something I'd normally buy but they played it for me in-store and I liked the remixes.

  15. #1065
    You wait ages for one, then two come along at once......

    Daydream Believer by Atomic Kitten

  16. #1066
    Just caved in and spent the credit I had left (and planned to spend on tons of cheap Zoverstock CDs) on the full Six Feet Under box set.
    Speaking of which, does anyone know a good place to buy cheap/second hand books? (I'm tempted to get the companion, not sure what people's experiences with 2nd hand books through Amazon marketplace are?)

  17. #1067
    I buy a fair few books on Amazon marketplace and they're usually fine, although condition can be a bit more variable that CDs, I find (although it's possibly partly a case of me not really understanding the way they rate condition of books and/or my being more picky). Unhelpfully, it can vary wildly seller to seller - I was quite annoyed a couple of weeks ago to get an ex-library book that hadn't been sold as such.

    The only major 2nd hand alternative I use is Abebooks - now also owned by Amazon, but when I search for stuff different sellers always come up, so it's not just replicating those on Amazon Marketplace.

  18. #1068
    With books, I prefer to hunt around the charity shops because you never know what you're going to get buying them blind online. People's reading habits can get them into all sorts of iffy conditions!
    Eric's Generic World: http://ericsgenericworld.blogspot.com/

  19. #1069
    My friend goes to charity shops for her books and she always comes back with a great find! I just love charity shops generally as well.

  20. #1070
    There aren't enough charity shops in the city centre of Manchester and I am woefully lazy. Whenever I visit my parents though I always go to Totnes, their charity shops are incredible!

  21. #1071
    All 3 of the MBV reissues...HMV were doing an instore offer, with 5 off if you got them all...so 25 for the 3!
    Eric's Generic World: http://ericsgenericworld.blogspot.com/

  22. #1072
    Karmin- Hello
    Vitamin C- Vitamin C

  23. #1073
    Nothing to do with watching BBC4 last Friday night, but...

    Velvet Underground - Loaded CD
    Patti Smith - Horses CD
    John Cale - Paris 1919 CD
    The Primitives - Echoes & Rhymes CD
    ABBA - The Visitors CD/DVD
    Various - Elektro Diskow 2CD
    Various - The Hidden Tapes CD
    Soft Cell - Numbers 7" promo (with the drug reference replaced!)
    Depeche Mode - See You 7" test press
    Soulsavers/Dave Gahan - The Longest Day 7" etched

    I also picked up the Manics Polaroid book in HMV for a fiver, which was originally priced at 50. On opening it, I noticed that it's been signed by Nicky Wire too. Result indeed!

  24. #1074
    I received in the post this week 'Midnight Shift' the new release from Disco Discharge. It's probably my favorite from the series so far.

  25. #1075
    (*off topic*) - I'm still getting used to these new usernames for the regulars! Pye = Melancholy Rose, and bichard = HeadOverHeels...and I pronounce it (in my head, anyway) "bee shard" when it's obviously meant to cleverly rhyme with "richard".
    Eric's Generic World: http://ericsgenericworld.blogspot.com/

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