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    A sort've spin-off from my thread in another board...


    ...who else was Tom Watkins involved with? Who did he mastermind/manage/work with? Off the top of my head;

    Pet Shop Boys
    East 17
    Electribe 101
    2wo Third3
    Billie Piper
    Art of Noise
    Faith, Hope & Charity
    Martine McCutcheon
    North + South
    Grace Jones

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    The only other act i know that he managed was the Boy/Girl Duo A.S.A.P. but they never released a single, they only featured on the Childliners single. I did see them as support acts on Boyzone and East 17 tours, they also recorded the unreleased Deuce track 'Rock the Disco'

    Sadly i've spoken to Tom a fue time via this... http://gaydar.co.uk/mixman

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