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The Popjustice Forum Rules

Things should be fine if you behave like an adult.

Just respect the forum's rules, the other people on the forum, and the people who keep the forum running smoothly.


Stay on topic.

Don't start arguments, and don't respond to people starting arguments. Report posts to moderators instead. Ignore aggressive posts and move on.

Don't insult forum members, singers or other public figures based on appearance.

DON'T use the word 'stan' or otherwise attempt to belittle reasonable points made by reasonable fans.

If your post amounts to little or no more than an image your post may be deleted, you may be banned and your account may be deleted.

Yes we know that sometimes the best response might seem to be a hilarious GIF of someone pouting or whatever. Just try to use words to describe how this GIF makes you feel.

Please write in fully formed English sentences. This means capitalising the first letter of a sentence and the names of artists and song titles, putting a full stop at the end of a sentence, and so on. Posts not written in full English may be deleted.

This is not a chatroom.

Don't use textspeak or webspeak or whatever you want to call it. This means steering clear of things like LMAO, LOL, 'meh' and so on.

Making a rude, incendiary or offensive comment then posting "JOKE!" or "NOT REALLY!" or "/TROLL" or whatever is not clever or funny, it's annoying and childish. Don't do it.

We have a no smiley rule - posts containing comments like 'Insert sad smiley here' (or text-based emoticons or other attempts to get around the no smiley rule) will also be deleted.

Abbreviations (like GA for Girls Aloud, or 'BTW' for 'Born This Way') can be confusing for people who aren't intimately acquainted with the ins and outs of an artist's career - so please write artist and song titles in full.

If you have registered to talk about one artist only - or if you're street-teaming or spamming - use the Links, Spam & Street Team Cuntery forum, or don't post at all.

If there's an active thread about an artist, try not to start a new one unless your contribution informs us of a huge and explosive new development.

There's no need to censor or asterisk out your swear words!

How tragic that this even needs to be a rule: do not use words like 'bitch', 'slag', 'cunt' and 'slut' to describe women. This has been something we've had a lot of discussions about on the forum over the years and it's a rule that's staying. The only exceptions are when you're quoting song lyrics or titles etc.

If you've been looking through these rules trying to find loopholes or ways to get around them, things probably aren't going to work out that well for you on the Popjustice forum. Sorry.


Signatures should be no longer than one line of text (which can include a link) and must not include images.

It's fine to link to your blogs and websites, but not if they're MP3 blogs or offering illegal downloads.

Don't put porn in your avatars!


Do not speculate on popstars' sexuality, drug habits or addictions. If you want to out someone or gossip about rumours you've heard go somewhere else.

Don't post illegal music downloads or links to illegal music downloads; don't request or hint for illegal music downloads or links to illegal music downloads.

Don't copy and paste items from other websites or news services without crediting and linking to the original source - and try to add something to the story rather than just chucking it on the forum.

Don't post midweek chart information - it's the copyright of the people who compile the charts.

Do not post images from photo agencies. If in doubt, don't post it.


If you've broken one of the above rules, your post may be deleted or moved; posts may also be moved or deleted at the discretion of moderators or administrators if they are deemed inappropriate or out of place for reasons not outlined above.

If you really don't understand what the problem is, send a private message to a moderator, who may be able to help. Please bear in mind that a different moderator may have deleted your post - so make sure you explain what was in your original post.

If you have any serious problems, drop a line to peter.w.robinson@popjustice.com and explain what's been going on.

Please note that although the administrators and moderators of the Popjustice forum will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and the owners of Popjustice will not be held responsible for the content of any message.