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Press releases

Press releases should go to press.releases@popjustice.com. If you send press releases to any other email address we’ll filter your address into junk and your message will be reported as spam.

Sending us music

We only accept music digitally. If you want to tell us about a specific release, email music.tips@popjustice.com, or use this form. Our preference is MP3 > SoundCloud > YouTube > Awful Proprietary Streaming Service.

Working with Popjustice

If you’d like to propose an exciting new idea for the Popjustice site or brand – or if you just want to write for us – we’d love to hear from you. Drop Peter a line on peter.robinson@popjustice.com or fill in this form.

Interning with Popjustice

We occasionally fling open the doors to Popjustice HQ. If you’d like to join us for between two weeks and three months, drop Peter a line. Placements are quite rare but if you’re properly amazing we’ll sort something out.

Advertising, sponsorship and so on

For queries regarding sponsorship, branded content and the like please contact peter.robinson@popjustice.com. Display ads, takeovers and the like are handled by w00t! Media – you can contact them on PJads@w00tmedia.net.

The forum

If you’re experiencing some sort of forum-related woe that can’t be resolved through the usual forum channels email Peter and let him know what’s happening.