The Briefing > January 21, 2013

Who says the art of pop lyricism is dead?

“I’ve made a pop song, it’s not shit,” Language Of Prairie Dogs told us on Twitter earlier today.

So you know how sometimes you click on a link having no idea what lies in wait?

Well, we don’t really know what to say about this.

Here’s the ‘not shit’ song.

Bloody hell.

Those lyrics in full

Every time I think about ‘The Shining’ I think about the loveliness of the proposition of Jack’s employment and of the tragedy of how he blew it so completely.

I keep my particular fantasy of working in a lighthouse (I’m sure) completely at odds with the reality – distanced almost immeasurably; yet, critically, necessary.

And I relate my fantasy to a friend who looks back at me and, wolfishly, quizzes me on why I want to live in a giant penis.

“Because I hate people, that’s why.”

That’s why I want to live in a giant penis.