The Briefing > February 18, 2014

That already legendary Sam Bailey album sleeve, decoded. Plus – can you do any better?


Earlier today X Factor winner Sam Bailey‘s ‘The Power Of Love’ album artwork was unveiled and the plaudits quickly started to roll in.

On Popjustice’s Facebook page alone praise ranged from “if i did this for my media coursework i’d be failed on the spot” and “this would be classed as a shit cover even for the likes of Lolly” to “this is surely a joke?” and “pure, solid gold, shit”.

Obviously there’s more to this image than meets the eye, though, right?

Roll your mouse over the image below at your leisure.

Now we all know that Syco would never just chuck out any old shit, and that many days – possibly weeks – were spent agonising over every aspect of this album sleeve. And we all know that they must have experimented with hundreds of different fonts before they eventually settled on Times New Roman. So we don’t wish to undermine all the hard work that went into this artwork – hard work that is undoubtedly reflected in the music it represents.

But you might still be thinking, “I could do better than that”. You might be thinking, “there are some strict rules in place for the sleeve of a Mother’s Day release and yes I understand all that but even within those parameters there’s the scope for this sleeve not to be so offensive and patronising in its execution”. You might just be thinking, “this could do with some tigers frolicking in the background”.

This is where you come in.

Here’s the artwork without any text on it.


Please email your amended, added-to, improved images to by Sunday and we’ll put the best on the site. It’s not too late for Syco to change the artwork! (We’ll sort out some sort of crap prize for the bestworst entry we receive.)