The Briefing > August 24, 2004

Remembrance Tuesday:Lene ‘Here We Go’

• ‘Here We Go’ was covered a couple of years ago by Lene Out Of Aqua (for it was she!) on her semi-mindblowing ‘Play With Me’ album.

• An independent inquiry has since determined that it is impossible to prove ANY connection between the global failure of Lene’s album and the so-called ‘Curse of Popjustice’.

• Someone on the Popjustice messageboard purports that the song was also covered as the theme for some sort of German kids TV show, though the message now seems to have disappeared so you’ll have to use your imagination on that one.

• This ‘Here We Go’ is not to be confused with ‘Here We Go’ by S Club Juniors. That ‘Here We Go’ was a cover of Lolly’s ‘Ti Amo’. Confused? You shouldn’t be – it’s really very simple.

• Tragic news! Someone else on the Popjustice board also pointed out that, these days, nobody else would be able to release it as a single – because it would sound too much like Girls Aloud’s ‘No Good Advice’. Whoever covered it, the argument went, would be accused of ripping off Girls Aloud.

• So that’s the end of that one, then, eh?

• :(