The Briefing > January 2, 2013

In honour of Cheryl’s Double Sexcrab: it’s your chance to win kitchen paraphernalia

You might have missed this over the Christmas break but Cheryl Cole released an odd but effective video for her Lana Del Rey-‘penned’ song ‘Ghetto Baby’. Most of the video involves Cheryl touching her boyfriend, and the very best bit of touching is this absurd dance move which we are naming THE DOUBLE SEXCRAB.

In case you haven’t seen the video, here is that dance move in GIFular form. (We’re not sure who to credit for that GIF but someone said it was from MuuMuse so let’s just say it was them.)

Anyway the origin of the GIF is not the important thing here. What is important is that despite being a classic ‘don’t try this at home and definitely don’t try this when drunk’ dance move, the first such attempt has already been submitted to Popjustice by reader Alex Pierce, who noted in a tweet yesterday that “we did this last night”.

An impressive attempt, Alex, although we cannot condone the actions of anyone who does not ‘decant’ their teabags to a dedicated container. Plucking teabags from a cardboard box immediately identifies you as a student.

And so we have a challenge for all Popjustice readers.

We will purchase a tasteful Brabantia tea, coffee and sugar canister set off Amazon and send it to the person who sends us the best photograph of a Double Sexcrab. If nobody else submits a picture, Alex gets the prize.

Please tweet your pictures to @Popjustice or email them directly to Entries should be with us by 7pm on Sunday. GOOD LUCK AND BE CAREFUL.