Tuesday: New York, 2:12pm

We mentioned in the previous post that Rihanna has said some things to some people just before we landed in New York and a kindly gentleman by the name of Marcus has transcribed said interview. We’ve decided to dump some of the best quotes below.

That’s journalism right there.

  • “This has been an experience every day – my sleeping was all done on on this plane. I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked with you guys. I know you’re tired as well.”
  • “Thank you everybody for making this trip the shit, honestly.”
  • “I would do it again, but I’d sit back here so I can see the naked Australian next time.”
  • “Tonight’s going go be the shit. It’s the night everything is going to pay off on, everything this week. I have friends that want to be performing so I’m going to throw a couple things in there.”
  • “I have to pay attention to myself. I can’t just go and go and go. This time I had to sleep. Usually I would be back here partying my balls off, but this time I really had to pay attention, take care of my health. We’re on a plane all the time. So many people; no rest, no voice, seven shows in a row. So I tried to get as much sleep as I could.”
  • “The hardest part…I guess trying to balance being a host and being a performer at the same time. I need to do my show and then shut up until the next show and then in two hours we have to fly and sleep. But I really wanted to hang out and interact with everybody and give everybody some of my time. I guess it was difficult, it was hard to be able to do that.”

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