Tuesday: New York, 04:42pm

We actually had some time to mooch about New York today and while Rihanna did an album signing at Best Buy (we thought about popping along but the queue was huge, with fans apparently waiting since 6am for the chance to have a bit of a chat with her (mind […]


Tuesday: New York, 12:05am

So here we are, the final ‘gig’ of what has been a completely ludicrous week of frustrated waiting around, amazing shows and an allusive popstar who does exactly what she wants to do, even when a plane load of the world’s media have turned feral. It was rumoured there would […]

Rihanna waiting for her bags

Tuesday: New York, 2:12pm

We mentioned in the previous post that Rihanna has said some things to some people just before we landed in New York and a kindly gentleman by the name of Marcus has transcribed said interview. We’ve decided to dump some of the best quotes below. That’s journalism right there. “This […]


Tuesday: New York, 11:28am

Guess who showed up on the plane? (Clue: Rihanna) Here’s proof. She finally answered some questions but it was about five minutes before we were due to land so we didn’t really get to hear what she was saying, apols. She seemed to have enjoyed the tour and said London […]


Tuesday: London, 05:23am

There are a lot of exciting things attached to touring: seeing the world, glamorous afterparties, posh hotels, Alexandra Burke. Sometimes, however, it involves sitting on the floor of a departure lounge in Stanstead airport at 5:23am. Still, at least we don’t have a seven hour flight ahead of us.


Tuesday: London, 12:56am

The ‘gig’ is over. We’re now waiting for a flight to New York in the Grosvenor hotel. They’ve got a wood fire, which is quite swanky. We’re due to fly out at 7am, but who knows when we’ll actually get going. Only one show to go.


Monday: London, 10:49pm

You’re probably watching tonight’s ‘gig’ on YouTube anyway but here’s someone you might not have seen for a while. We had a quick chat – she understands the rigours of Rihanna’s schedule and was loing forward to reading the write ups of the tour, so that’s good to know.

Monday: London, 4:17pm

Apparently when Rihanna first got on the flight from LA to Mexico on Tuesday she was told to pass straight through to the front of the plane. Instead she immediately to herself on a wander among the fans and journalists, posing for photos and chatting to people. Basically, she did […]


Monday: London, 04:26am

A strange mix of alcohol, lack of sleep and impatience at the fact that Rihanna’s failed to walk around the plane since LA – and hasn’t held a press conference in any country we’ve been to – madefor a slightly odd hour-long flight into London. Firstly there was a streaker […]


Monday: Berlin, 12:46am

Oh dear. The patience displayed by Stockholm doesn’t really extend to Berlin, with fans starting to boo as the clock ticks towards 11:30. “Excuse me woman, check your fucking watch” bellows one fan as Jessie J’s ‘Domino’ blares out of the speakers. 11:35 and she’s onstage sporting a marijuana leaf […]


Sunday: Berlin, 7:36pm

We’ve been allowed to have a wander about backstage, which is quite exciting. Here’s Rihanna’s microphone (it’s the gold one, obviously). Rihanna’s chocolate stash. It may lo like this woman is setting fire to someone’s shirt but she’s actually steaming it. Little industry secret there. And here’s Rihanna’s dressing room. […]


Sunday: Berlin, 6:39pm

We’re at E-Werk, an old power plant, for some food before watching some musicians tune their instruments. This is what it los like from the outside. Here’s a poster. Lo what we stole! Pudding.


Sunday: Berlin, 5:06pm

We’ve arrived in a slightly chilly Berlin after a refreshingly short flight (1 hour 10 minutes, time fans) and now we’re off to the venue for some backstage ‘action’. Rihanna won’t be there. While waiting at the venue we noticed a pop motif from a year or so ago.


Sunday: Paris, 1:51pm

Our original call time at the hotel was 7:45 this morning, which thankfully was then moved to 9:45. It’s now 13:51 and we’re all sitting on the plane. Kevin ‘Pop Prince’ Hughes has joined us for the next few stops, which is nice. Anyway, the reason we’re not going anywhere […]


Sunday: Paris, 04:15am

So, against all the odds, Rihanna showed up to the after party at the world’s worst club with Cassie, P Diddy, Pharrell, Akon (and Omarion) at about 3am. We didn’t really know what was happening to be quite honest and tried to get to the loo when these two walked […]


Sunday: Paris, 12:48am

We assumed the afterparty might be at the Moulin Rouge given that it’s just down the road from the venue. Instead we’re at a club that los like this. For some reason a person is walking around dressed as a turtle. Perhaps it’s Rihanna in disguise? Probably not let’s be […]


Saturday: Paris, 10:32pm

There’s no repeat of the Stockholm 11:30 stage time fiasco due to a strict 10:30 curfew so Rihanna just cuts two sections from the show. Those bits are the acoustic strumalongs and the collaborations bit featuring Run This Town. There’s an amazing bit where he asks the crowd what ‘one’ […]


Saturday: Paris, 10:04pm

Another ly venue full of local artefacts. A chaise longue for example. How about a bust of some green cherub thing? Oh, and some corporate sponsorship.


Saturday: Paris, 4:22pm

Getting access to Rihanna has, as you can imagine, not been easy so everyone’s itching to interview anyone who may have spen to her at some point. Below is a picture of various journalists having a chat with Rihanna’s hairstylist near the luggage carousel. Apparently Rihanna’s already through security and […]


Saturday: Stockholm, 12:11pm

Rumours from the plane: Apparently Kanye did a remix of a new Rihanna song a couple of days ago but left Sweden before the ‘gig’ last night. Also, the man at the bar on the plane said Rihanna is still in bed asleep. Our flight was due to take off […]


Saturday: Stockholm, 10:31am

One of the themes of this trip has been sitting on a coach (and being behind schedule). Our flight to Paris is meant to take off at 11am but apparently no one called ahead for clearance so we’re waiting next to some construction vehicles at the back of the airport […]


Friday: Stockholm, 0:56am

A red carpet, balloons, chaniers: this stop on the 777 tour stands out as the most decadent of the three ‘gigs’ so far. Unfortunately, Rihanna was so late starting (she to to the stage at 11:37) that the air stewards and stewardesses from our flight had to leave before she […]