The PJ Almighty

Notes on The PJ Almighty

The PJ Almighty is an irregularly updated chart of the five most incredible or exciting or amazing or thought-provoking or talented or tuneful or promising or accomplished or impressive or overwhelming or reassuring or 'generally noteworthy' people and things on the pop landscape.

We encourage readers to investigate, digest and enjoy the output of these people and things.

The PJ Almighty also includes, at Number 666, a mention of the most evil wrongdoer in the musical cosmos. This space is reserved for musicians, bodies and music industry figures who have committed acts so heinous that we feel readers should be warned. Beyond this initial warning we cannot and do not take any responsibility for a reader's subsequent actions regarding the artist or evil pop force under discussion.

We cannot be everywhere at once, particularly after Marina & The Diamonds took out that restraining order, so we're grateful when Popjustice readers tell us about people they think should feature in The PJ Almighty. If there's someone you'd like to see featured on the site, you can use the form in the purple box on this page to tell us all about them.

We can't put every submission into the Almighty - let's face it, a lot of suggestions will be really quite bad - but we'll give everyone a fair hearing. Well, fairly fair. And you can't say fairer than fairly fair. Well you could but (THAT'S ENOUGH DISCUSSION OF FAIRNESS - EVENHANDEDNESS ED)