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Founded in May 2000 and specialising in guilt-free pleasures, Popjustice is the UK’s best and most well-respected pop website.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors generate millions of page views every month.



Popjustice site advertising is handled by w00t! Media – you can get them on or +44 (0)161 817 4431.

Along with traditional ad spots we can offer full site takeovers and bespoke advertising support.

w00t! can explain all this better than we can.


Our audience

Because Popjustice is not your average pop blog, our readers are not your average pop fans. Our readers tend to be smart and upwardly mobile. They often feel they have a close relationship with Popjustice and many have grown up reading the site.

In April 2010 a Music Week / Experian Hitwise ranked Popjustice as the UK’s most visited pop website; we also have over 100,000 Twitter users following @popjustice and 20,000 fans over on Facebook.

Our readers love music but they also enjoy films, technology and getting blind drunk. Popjustice is also a popular destination for other bloggers, tastemakers, journalists, musicians, music industry ‘professionals’ and media types.



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